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In Austria there are both direct and indirect, tax-based funding opportunities for companies that develop new products and processes.

Indirect funding: the Research and Development Tax Credit

The fiscal Research and Development Tax Credit is an example of indirect funding. It takes the form of a tax credit issued by the tax office, and can be claimed retrospectively for costs incurred in research and development activity undertaken by any company or business partnership that is registered to pay tax. You can find comprehensive information about the Research and Development Tax Credit – including details of what costs can be funded and how to claim – here.

Direct funding

Alongside Basic Research, the Austrian state also subsidies thematic and non-thematic research in the areas of industrial research, experimental development and demonstration projects.

The aim is to support innovation and research and development in Austria.

Public subsidies for research and development primarily take the form of direct grants, loans, and guarantees, which are variously available from the EU, central government, regional government, and local government, and offered to support projects whose scope is clearly defined from the outset. This means that research and development work cannot begin before the funding application has been submitted.

Who is eligible for direct funding?

Eligibility requirements and application processes vary according to the scheme being applied for, and it is crucial to evaluate potential direct funding opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

Note that applications for direct funding must always be submitted before a project gets underway.

The level of direct funding depends on:
• The details of the proposed project itself
• The size of the company
• The nature of the relationship between the parties involved

TIP: The extent to which a project is innovative is often the deciding factor in whether or not direct funding can be applied for. The public funding bodies look for what is new about a project. The costs of simply marketing and commercialising a product are not eligible for funding.

Which organisations award funding in Austria?

There are around 70 Austria-wide funding schemes and initiatives supporting research, technology, and innovation. These are advertised and administered by national bodies, of which the most important for private companies are the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS), and the Climate and Energy Fund (KLIEN).

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, Vienna

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency is Austria’s national funding institution for commercial research and development. It awards credits and non-repayable grants through a variety of funding programmes and initiatives, all of which aim to make a lasting contribution to boosting innovation in Austria and enhancing its attractiveness as a business location.

Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (AWS), Vienna

Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH is the federal funding bank. It offers loans at favourable interest rates and issues grants and guarantees to support companies to complete innovate projects, set up new businesses or expand existing ones.

Climate and Energy Fund, Vienna

The Climate and Energy fund supports the development and implementation of sustainable, climate friendly energy technologies.

How do I find the right funding opportunity?

There is a wide variety of funding programmes and initiatives available, and several public bodies and funding agencies on hand to help you navigate them. Their free, online resources make it easy to get an overview of your options.

For a more detailed assessment of funding opportunities related to your specific circumstances, take a look at our range of services and get in touch. You can also find further information on the following websites:


Förderkompass (“Funding Compass”) is an online service provided by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit). It allows companies to search for funding opportunities for research and technology across Austria.

FFG Wegweiser

The FFG Wegweiser (“Wayfinder”) site was created by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency to help companies find the funding opportunities and services it offers.
AWS Fördernavigator

The AWS Fördernavigator (“Funding Navigator”) is a service provided by Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH to help companies access the AWS’ funding schemes and services.

WKÖ funding database

This funding database, provided by Austria’s Federal Economic Chambers, offers an overview of all the funding programmes available in Austria. You can filter the results by project location and key topics.

INNOVATION IN AUSTRIA: According to the latest research by Statistics Austria, 57% of Austrian companies are innovative. They have either developed or improved products and processes or led the way in innovative organisational or marketing approaches. Whether in completely new products and production methods or in improvements in existing distribution systems, innovation is found across all industries – from mining, manufacturing, energy and water supply, wholesale trade, logistics and warehousing to information and communication technologies, financial and insurance services and architecture and engineering.

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