Providing expert support and consultancy in public funding for technology and innovation.

„We support companies through the entire process, from researching the most suitable funding opportunities all the way to submitting a funding application.“

Our Services

Information and consultancy

Technical expertise


Co-ordination and networking

  • Overview and consultation on funding opportunities and programmes
  • Identification of projects worthy of funding
  • Support writing the funding application

  • Review of project applications
  • Support writing the funding application

  • Consultation on presentation of costs
  • Calculation for decision support and investment analysis

  • Support finding partner organisations

Additional Research and Development Tax Credit services

  • Support with technical documentation
  • Arranging of technical audits

  • Consultation on and optimisation of the amount used to calculate the level of funding
  • Overseeing company checks relating to the Research and Development Tax Credit

  • Arranging of financial audits to confirm the amount used to calculate the level of funding
  • Information about and communication with public funding bodies

Research and Development Allowance services

ITS Förderberatung’s interdisciplinary approach – covering technical, legal and tax aspects of securing funding – supports you through the entire process of claiming the Research and Development Tax Credit, from submitting the initial application to receiving the tax credit. We can also help with business audits relating to the Research and Development Tax Credit.

A central part of your work with our team of experts is documenting your projects and funding applications, as well as a review of this documentation by an external party.

ITS project documentation

We work with you to develop project descriptions of all your research and development activities. This allows you to document the entire course of your research and development projects in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

Our team will help you put together your project application and work out the costs that will determine the level of tax credit you will benefit from.

ITS review

At ITS Förderberatung, we work closely with a pool of external experts who check your funding application before it is submitted to the tax office and FFG.

Our review process sees every funding application examined by both our technical and procedural experts. The former check the technical rigour of your application while the latter make sure that it has been completed fully and clearly, that all the formalities are in order, and that the costs are described accurately and clearly.

Once we have jointly developed the research project’s accompanying documentation, we use it as the basis for a formal audit application to the FFG – always working closely with the company in question. Note that the formal requirements of this application are particularly strict – see “How do I apply for the tax credit?”

Research and Development Tax Credit application timeline

You can also download a timeline and step-by-step description of the application process here.

    • Kick Off Workshop

      Introduction to the Research and Development Tax Credit

    • Collation of project information

      Drafting of the tecnical documentation and estimate of the research costs by the client

    • ITS Project documentation

      Further development of the technical documentation and cost analysis

    • Final Review

      A final review of the technical documentation and joint completion of the audit application

    • Documentation sign-off

      Client confirms the accuracy of the technical documentation, text to be submitted to the FFG and cost analysis

    • Application

      Assited by ITS, the client submits the necessary data via the FinanzOnline platform. All application documents are also provided in hard copy

Direct funding services

Applying for funding is often a complicated and time-consuming process. At ITS Innovation Support GmbH, we help you understand the general funding context and explain the things you need do in order to apply for regional or federal public funding.

We have arranged our services in three packages that save you both time and money in the application for direct funding. They make the application process more efficient and allow you to be confident that your application has the best possible chance of success.

Our team draws on years of experience, allowing you to be confident of the quality of your project and funding application before you apply for funding.

Our three packages (phases I, II and III) all work together, but you can use them individually if you prefer.

You can also download a summary of the packages here.

PHASE I: Research of funding programmes

ITS Innovation Support GmbH will research available public funding opportunities for you. Then we will set out your options and explain the details of a potential funding application.

• Research and evaluation of relevant funding schemes
• Clarification of the funding criteria and application procedure
• Estimation of the time likely to be required to submit an application
• Presentation and written summary of the funding options

PHASE II: Funding check

ITS Innovation Support GmbH assesses one of your company’s specific project ideas on its potential to attract funding. We explain the details of a possible funding application, and outline the information that would need to be collected within the company in order for the application to be submitted.


• Help identifying the project or projects suitable for funding
• Workshops with company directors, project managers or commercial representatives
• Co-ordination with technical project managers

PHASE III: Completion of funding application

ITS Innovation Support GmbH helps you complete and fine-tune a funding application for your project. We make sure that all the formal requirements of the application process are met, and manage the entire procedure to keep the administrative workload at your end to an absolute minimum.


• Organising and chairing two meetings with the relevant technical, financial or commercial project managers
• Co-ordinating project meetings and planning the necessary steps and documentation
• Support writing the funding application and the final review of the application
• Help submitting the formal application

Additional ITS services

ITS Innovation Support GmbH also offers:

Project partner search: We can help you find suitable partner organisations, building links to industry and science
Project plan creation: We can help you create a plan to develop each step of the project
Costing: We can help you produce a project costing and work out the cost of each section of the project
Project documentation: We can help you document the entire project and satisfy the funding organisations’ reporting requirements

Timeline for securing direct funding
You can download a timeline and description of the individual steps of the application process here.

    • Kick Off Workshop

      Introductory Workshop on the Research and Development Allowance

    • Research of funding programs

      Research of available funding schemes to identify suitable funding opportunities

    • Funding check

      Check of the project´s suitability to attract funding

    • Projektdesign

      Defining the project in terms of goal, method and the proposed approach

    • Completion of the funding application

      Completion of the funding application and presentation of the project, including an external review

    • Documentation sign-off and application

      Submission of the funding application and all accompanying written documentation

Our pricing model

We agree the scope of our services in an initial, complementary and no-obligation consultation.

We offer our services using two payment models:
• A fixed fee agreed in advance
• A commission agreed in advance and subject to confirmation of a successful funding application

Most of our direct funding projects are carried out on a fixed fee basis. Some services are charged by the hour, or are a subject to a commission upon successful awarding of funding. You can find a description of our direct funding services here.

Indirect funding projects including the Research and Development Tax Credit are generally charged as a combination of a fixed fee and a commission. You can find a description of our Research and Development Tax Credit services here.