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Frequently asked questions

“Can my company apply for funding?”

There is a wide variety of funding opportunities for businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to SMEs and large industrial concerns. Most are aimed at companies developing technologically innovative products and services, or those that make a valuable contribution to society through the creation of sustainable or socially beneficial structures.

It is important to distinguish between direct and fiscal (indirect) funding, as the most relevant is likely to depend on the size of the business receiving funds. Companies that have made use of fiscal research funding have so far generally been larger firms. By contrast, more than half of the direct funding applications made to the Austrian Research Promotion Agency come from small and medium-sized enterprises.

If you unsure whether your company could benefit from public funding, get in touch.

“Which funding opportunities are suitable for my business?”

There are many different funding programmes and initiatives, and the public bodies that award funds are well aware of the difficulties businesses face when trying to (a) get an up-to-date overview of the available schemes and (b) decide which ones are the best fit. Several online tools have been created to try and ease the search for the right funding opportunity, but the general overviews they provide are no substitute for a personal consultation – so why not contact us today?

“Isn’t getting funding very time-consuming?”

Public funding is paid for by the taxpayer, so the awarding bodies have to be entirely transparent and apply to clearly document the reasons they have funded a particular business.

For a company seeking funding, that means negotiating a rigorous application and statutory reporting process. Developers and technical experts would, of course, rather spend less time on admin and more on developing their actual products and projects. That’s why many companies seek outside help.

“Is our company actually engaged in research and development?”

Many companies would not really see themselves as engaged in research in the traditional sense. But alongside schemes to finance basic research, Austria also boasts a first class system of funding for new developments, prototype creation and pilot projects as well as the development and improvement of existing process and products. Very often, as in the case of the Research and Development Tax Credit, these schemes are not tied to a specific industry or sector.

To survive on the open market, companies have to be innovative, and it is this innovation that is supported.

“I already have a tax advisor. Can’t they claim the Research and Development Tax Credit for me?”

Claiming the Research and Development Tax Credit is a very complex process that demands a great deal of effort and detailed specialist knowledge. We already work closely with many tax advisors who entrust us with securing the Research and Development Tax Credit for their clients. In these cases, the tax advisor remains the company’s tax representative, while ITS works with the company to prepare the documentation required for an application for the Research and Development Tax Credit.

“Does ITS Förderberatung also provide consultancy services around funding opportunities outside the technology and innovation sectors?”

While funding for technology and innovation is our main area of practise, we can also advise you on all the regional and national funding schemes available in Austria. We are also experts in transnational and EU funding schemes.

“How much does it cost?”

Our work with you begins by defining exactly which services we can best provide you with. A complementary, no-obligation initial consultation provides an opportunity to discuss everything we can offer – for example general consultancy, project monitoring and full project management – and decide what we can do for you. See our pricing model here.